About saving water, but not the kind you drink

This past summer, I went to a wedding in Portland and flew into PDX airport. It was there that I was first introduced to the dual flush toilet. No, it wasn't a motion sensor toilet that flushes multiple times while you're still sitting. The knob used to flush the toilet went in two directions: one direction for if you, well, go #1, and the other direction for if you do more than that. The way in which you hit the knob meant that either more or less water was used in the flushing (I think the breakdown is 0.8 gallons vs. 1.6 gallons). Genius, right?!

Googling "dual flush toilet" provides you with a selection of dual flush toilets you can have installed in your home, at varying costs (not as prohibitive as you might think though).

But today I discovered a DIY kit that you can use to turn your already installed, standard (not low-flo) single flush toilet into a dual for a mere $36!

According to the Gaiam website (where I found this device):  Convert your standard toilet into a low-flow toilet -without tools or a plumber- and save up to 35,000 gallons of water a year. Because not all flushes need to be the same, the dual-action Controllable Flush controls the amount of water you use to flush waste matter. Push handle down for a conservative 1.5 gallon flush for liquid; lift for a powerful flush for solids. Easily retrofits to standard front-flush toilets.

Do you have this item?  Or your own dual flush magical toilet?  Let's hear your thoughts!

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