A Day Without Bags

Heal the Bay is sponsoring A Day Without a Bag on December 20th in the Los Angeles area.

  • More than 6 billion plastic bags are used in LA County each year. Because so few of them are recycled, the vast majority end up clogging precious landfill, littering public places and ultimately polluting our watersheds and oceans

  • Disposable bags cost fiscally-strained LA County cities up to 17 cents per bag for disposal.

  • Plastic bags are made from petroleum: Americans use over 380 billion bags every year, throwing away millions of barrels of oil.

With New Year approaching, we want all shoppers to make resolution to adopt more sustainable practices year round.

So, for those of you in LA (or anywhere for that matter), join us for a grassroots day of education and action. Challenge yourself as a holiday shopper by giving up single-use, plastic shopping bags for the day, in favor of reusable tote bags. Heal the Bay and all of the Reusable Bag Coalition partners are organizing a two-hour event at the Grove, with satellite operations within each of the four other Los Angeles County supervisorial districts (at participating retailers including all Ralphs and 99c Only locations). A press conference at the Grove and other locations (with celebrity and electeds involvement) will disseminate messages throughout the county. In addition, thousands of free, reusable bags will be given away to shoppers. For a list of locations go to

A Day Without a Bag is just one battlefront in the ongoing war against the scourge of plastic debris in our oceans and watersheds. It is primarily a vehicle for raising consumer awareness about personal choices -- come and be a part of it if you can.

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