WEBINAR RECORDING: Pop-Up Retail and Community Revitalization

Can pop-up retail help to transform empty storefronts into thriving local business?

Yes, it can — Watch this webinar to learn more.

Pop-up retail spaces are sprouting up across North America for good reasons — they lower the barrier to entry for local entrepreneurs while filling vacant or underused storefronts. 

In September 2013, with our partners at BALLE, New Dream co-presented a special webinar event: Pop-Up Retail and Community Revitalization - Turning Empty Storefronts Into Springboards For Local Business.

As described in our Guide to Going Local, this webinar explores how one successful pop–up venture, popuphood, has helped jumpstart local businesses and revitalize an Oakland, CA neighborhood.

Join popuphood co-founder Sarah Filley to hear how they started this venture, what challenges and successes they’ve faced, and how pop-up retail space can be used to support local businesses in your community.  Learn more about popuphood from this video, and download the free Guide to Going Local today.

Guest speaker:

Sarah Filley is a co-founder of popuphood. She has pioneered projects committed to resilient futures, vital economies, and civic engagement. She stimulates creative thinking and practical disruptive innovation to strategize business partnerships and masterminds creative engagement with positive social impact. She is a consultant, curator, artist and designer, public speaker and writer.

Click here to access the webinar recording from BALLE's website.

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