VIDEO: Organizing a Cash Mob

Want to show support for your local neighborhood shops and restaurants? Organize a cash mob.

Cash mobs are a fun way to bring people together to support local businesses. On a set day and time, a group of community members arrive at the same time at a selected local business to shop. This brings business to the store, shows local entrepreneurs that the neighborhood values them, and allows people to gather and meet new friends.

In this video, New Dream joins a cash mob for a local shop in Roanoke, VA. Why not organize something similar in your town?

The video is part of the Guide to Going Local, the second in a series of guides that New Dream is producing for our Community Action Kit.


About the Guide to Going Local

This guide in the New Dream Community Action Kit will help you go local. It's full of ideas and advice on how to strengthen the local economy in your town: through buying local, highlighting new entrepreneurs, instilling local pride, investing locally, and more.

Learn more about the Guide to Going Local

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