INFOGRAPHIC SERIES: The Benefits of a Shorter Workweek

In this 2013 infographic series, New Dream looks at the benefits of a shorter workweek.

While many Americans struggle to find work, those who are employed are often working too much. Long hours, stress, and lack of time to spend with family and friends can lead to unhappiness and lower quality of life. These infographics explore the ramifications of overworking on our health, our happiness, and the environment.

Click on each infographic for a larger view. See sources cited and learn more about shorter workweeks at the bottom of this page.

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Infographics Designer: Sarah Parkinson for Center for a New American Dream

Consultant: Juliet Schor

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Infographics: Sources Cited

Overwork in the U.S.

Health Impacts

Work-Life Balance

Vacation Time


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