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Taking Over Advertising: Brandalism 2014

2 days. 10 U.K. cities. 365 corporate advertising spaces. 40 international artists.

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Excerpt from the New "Hands Free Mama" Book

An excerpt from Rachel Macy Stafford's new "Hands Free Mama" book.

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Art as Resolution

With the launch of a new year, consider making art your resolution in 2014.

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PHOTO SLIDESHOW: How Do You #SimplifyHolidays?

Join the movement to Simplify the Holidays! Check out this photo slideshow from New Dream staff, board, and allies.

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Community-Supported Art: The New CSAs

Is community-supported art the next big thing in supporting local artists?

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Go Antiquing, Help the Environment

Looking for a way to decorate your home in an eco-friendly manner? Try antiquing and used furniture!

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Top 5 Eco-Friendly Public Sculptures

Across the United States, 2013 has been a major year for public art installations with a larger mission.

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Happiness and the New Simplicity: The Living Room Revolution of Community

Cecile Andrews explains how the cure to so many of our problems, particularly consumerism, is more community.

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In Commerce We Trust?

Author Kelly Garriott Waite reflects on the need to reclaim trust and community in today's culture of big-box stores and hyper-consumerism.

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Free Time: The Forgotten American Dream

A new book describes how Americans have distanced themselves from their historical yearnings for free time, in favor of a culture of overwork.

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