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Taking Over Advertising: Brandalism 2014

2 days. 10 U.K. cities. 365 corporate advertising spaces. 40 international artists.

What's the best way to combat advertising? Take it over, according to one fringe movement in the United Kingdom. The Brandalism initiative is a self-described "revolt against corporate control of the visual realm," and since 2012 it has been reclaiming the aesthetic of cities from commercialism by replacing advertisements with works of street art.

Instead of public spaces being filled with a constant, overwhelming onslaught of product advertisements, artists seek to give our common grounds back to communities and individuals, creating streets that are free from the pressures of consumerism and a "buy more" mentality. These works of art are original, and replace current ad spots in cities.

This year, the project reached epic proportions, with artists taking over an astonishing 365 corporate advertising spaces in 10 cities. Check out some of their work below, and click here to watch a video of the artists in action.

Do you think this project would go over in the U.S.? Tell us in the comments!

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