Redefiningthe Dream

Inspiring, engaging, and challenging Americans to re-examine their cultural values on consumption and consumerism and initiating a new national conversation around what “the good life” and the “American dream” mean.

About the Redefining the Dream Program

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Increasingly, many of us associate the American dream and our personal well-being with the high consumption of material goods. We have shifted from being a nation of citizens to being a nation of consumers.

In these times of insecurity, we need new stories, narratives, and heroes to help define ourselves and find pathways forward. The Redefining the Dream program seeks to inspire, engage, and challenge Americans to re-examine our cultural values on consumption, "the good life," and never-ending economic growth. We want to create a new national conversation about the limits of consumption, our shared values, and how we can better our lives, our communities, and the environment.

Strategies include:

Storytelling & Influentials: We will use cultural and creative personalities, thought leaders, and artists to tell a new American story and provide new visions of the future using creative media formats such as animations, webisodes, contests, and mini-documentaries. We also invite members/viewers to share their own stories, experiences, ideas, solutions, and actions toward achieving a more sustainable vision of a new American dream.

Starting the Conversation: We will host a series of webinars and community and city dialogues to discuss our cultural values on consumerism and the challenges and opportunities currently facing Americans during the twin economic and ecological crises. We will engage people from both academia and everyday life to promote theories, articles, research, and stories on the transition to the “new economy.”
Outreach & Constituency Building: We will develop targeted outreach and partnerships to new constituencies, including Do-It-Yourself audiences and the next-generation leaders and youth media groups to help define new ways of living and working.

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