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Leveraging Through Food Policy

Another growing movement across the U.S. is Local Food Policy Councils, groups of concerned community members who come together to leverage local policy and encourage community awareness and education around local food. Maybe your community is looking to increase local food in the school system? Or maybe it’s looking for a way to incorporate food stamps at a local farmers market, or even to just get a market started? A Local Food Policy Council helps facilitate these types of needs.

chili peppersCheck out the State & Local Food Policy Council for ideas on how to get started. The Willamette Farm & Food Coalition and Iowa Food Policy Council are among many great examples of what’s happening across the country. Also, see how some communities, like Charlottesville, Virginia, have integrated food stamps.

As concern rises about the quality of food in our school systems, Farm to School programs can help encourage the inclusion of identifiable, local food sources. Also, more and more schools and communities are adopting “No Child Left Inside policies and programs to encourage a greater connection between health, education, and food. Check out the Center for Ecoliteracy for great resources to support these types of programs in your community.

 Also, don’t forget to harness social media and other online tools to engage folks in organizing and engaging, as mentioned in our web pages on Building Social Ties.