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How It Works

What happens when I join Get2gether?

Through the Get2gether platform, you will be able to easily find New Dreamers who live near you. You can join a local New Dream Team or start a new one!

Once you join a team, you will be able to browse through scheduled meetings and events in your region that you can attend. You can create new events and invite others to join. You will also be able to post messages to the community and participate in discussion boards with other New Dreamers.

Does it cost money to join Get2gether?

No — Get2gether is free and anyone can join. in fact, Get2gether even periodically offers funding opportunities for your projects!

What do New Dream Teams do?

There is no one structure for a New Dream Team — each team is as unique as the communities that come together to form them.

Some teams will come together to discuss their common values, share resources, or be a support system to encourage behavior changes in their neighborhood. Other teams may get together to organize community projects or do outreach on issues. The overarching goal is to cultivate a New American Dream — one that emphasizes community, ecological sustainability, and a celebration of non-material values.

What is required to become an official New Dream Team?

To receive official recognition as a New Dream Team, you must have four or more active members and a Team Leader to maintain your Get2gether page. At least one team member is also required to participate in a Team Start Training, which will help you recruit members and build your team’s capacity. New Dream is here to help you get started! Sign up to learn more.

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