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About Get2gether

Get2gether is your chance to take ideas from New Dream's website and put them into practice where you live. Sign up here!

Join a New Dream Team

Anyone can join a New Dream Team. It's free and easy. Each team is self-organized and determines what projects are needed in the neighborhood — using New Dream's resources for guidance and inspiration. Projects may follow New Dream’s focus areas: sharing resources, strengthening local economies, and greening communities.

Example project ideas for your community:

  • Have a neighborhood yard sale
  • Organize a clothing swap
  • Host a community potluck
  • Hold a film screening
  • Set up a time bank
  • Start a tool library
  • Create a New Dream book club
  • Plant a community garden
  • Form a babysitting co-op
  • Coordinate a cash mob
  • And more — it's up to you! Sign up for more project ideas.

New Dream's Commitment to Your Team

New Dream will support Get2gether members by developing educational resources, providing tools and assistance to help you take action. We commit to increasing the impact and visibility of your team's efforts and successes, and connecting you with others in our network to help further your work and the broader movement. New Dream will also be offering periodic funding competitions and leadership opportunities for teams. Sign up to learn more!

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