Guide to Going Local

Thank You To Our Backers!

In June 2012, over 150 people backed New Dream's crowdfunding campaign to create the Guide to Going Local. Together, we raised more than $8,000 for the guide.

New Dream extends our sincere and heartfelt thanks to all our backers — every dollar made a difference. The Guide to Going Local would not have been possible without you!

New Dream wishes to give special recognition backers who donated $35 or more to the campaign:

Karen Barss
Barry Benjamin
Anita Bose
Cathy Boyd
Tricia Bradbury
John Carberry
Susan Carpenter
Andrew Chen
Simon & Anna Chen
Spenser & Rita Chen
Susan Comfort

William Conte Jr.
Darah Coyte
Hsiao-Ling Dawson
Maureen Decombe
Meav Ear
Robert Engelman
Carla Golden
Francisco Gomez-Dossi
Jason Halbert
Jennifer Holthaus

Nancy Hopkins
Nelson Huang
Ming-Len & Pao-Ching Jien
Tim Kasser
Elizabeth Keating

Mary Kelleher
Joel Key
Ann Lamb
David Lazerwitz
Bin Lee
Suzi Lee
Frances Lightsom

Frank Lorch
Laurie & Hank Lu

Jen Lucas
Joanna Marsh
Emily Morrison
Mary & Kevin Murphy
Julia Novy Hildesley
Brad Philleo
Steve Philleo

Michael Prochoda
Edna Rienzi

Carol Rubenstein
Tomoko Sekiguchi
Lani Shaw
Lynne Shultz
Don Slater
Marcia Sloger
Brett Smith
Annette Stumpf
Kristen Suokko
Betsy Taylor
Peggy Tonon

Rosalie Tran
Jenne Turner
Mark Valentine
David Wade

Sue Whittle
Sharon Wilson
Carol Woodfin


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