Providing tools and support to community members to create local initiatives that build local capacity and leadership, increase environmental sustainability, and foster greater livability and vitality.

The New Dream Collaborative Communities Program aims to move our audience from consumer life to citizen life, connecting them to foster engagement and action offline to better their communities.

Information & Education: New Dream showcases the best tools and resources in key action areas, such as Sharing Resources and Localizing the Economy. By shining a spotlight on what is working in local communities, we can help create impact that is tied to a larger national effort. 

Storytelling & Inspiration: We provide articles and interviews featuring ordinary citizens who are changing their lives and communities. We also highlight innovative local practices on the website and in our newsletter.

Networking & Connections: In 2013, New Dream launched a Neighborhood Challenge through which we offer micro-grants to help foster promising initiatives and projects led by New Dreamers in their communities. Through such efforts, New Dream hopes to build “social capital”—the connections within and between social networks —and to help communities become stronger, safer, more nurturing, and more fun.

Support & Capacity Building: We offer targeted resources to help leading activists increase their capacity to provide local leadership. For example, our surveys reveal that our webinar series is inspiring and enabling participants to implement projects in their own communities, such as the founders of the Station North Tool Library in Baltimore, MD, who credit our webinar with helping to launch their effort.

To learn more about our Collaborative Communities program, please contact us at newdream[at]newdream[dot]org.