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Simplify the Holidays

Increasingly, Americans are tired of the commercialization of our most cherished holiday celebrations and want more of what matters — not just more stuff. With our Simplify the Holidays resources, New Dream is here to help you get started.

Spring Holidays – Easter and Passover

Easter doesn't have to be yet another commercialized, excessive celebration. You can still participate in all the fun without the waste and stress.

Have a More Fun, Less Stuff Easter

Take Our Zero Waste Easter Basket Challenge

Easter, Naturally

Why Give Up Chocolate for Lent When You Can Give Up Plastic?

Also: You Don’t Have to Bake Your Own Matzo: Tips for an Environmentally Friendly Passover

End-of-Year Holidays 

You don’t have to rack up credit card debt or get swept up in the season’s commercialism. Instead, consider creating holidays that instill more meaning into the season and encourage more sharing, laughter, creativity, and personal renewal. We hope our Simplify the Holidays tips will help you reduce stress and increase personal fulfillment during the holiday season.

Our resources include:

  • Simplify the Holidays pledge, where you can commit to easy, concrete actions.
  • Free printable coupon book, which allows you to give gifts of time and experience.
  • Simplify the Holidays booklet, with practical tips for less stress and more joy.
  • Simplify the Holidays Calendar, which offers new simplifying tips during the holiday season.
  • Quizzes, reader tips, and more...

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Simplify Valentine's Day

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all agreed to just pare down Valentine’s Day to its core? Why don’t we just view it as a sanctioned opportunity to tell those around us how much we love them? Check out our Simplify Valentine's Day resources to help you “reboot” Valentine’s Day into a day focused on kindness and generosity.

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