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SoKind Gift Registry
For your holiday wish list, consider using SoKind, New Dream's easy online registry that will encourage your family and friends to give gifts of time, handmade goods, charitable donations, or other items that you actually need or want.

Top 10 SoKind #SimplifyHoliday Gift Ideas
Looking for a place to get started? We’ve collected 10 of our top gift ideas to help you get started with your SoKind holiday registry, or simply to inspire your gift-giving this holiday season.

More Fun Less Stuff Gift Catalog
An alternative gift catalog for those who want to wrap their holidays in more of what matters—meaning, connection, and joy—and less of what doesn’t (stuff, stress, and waste).

New Dream Holiday Coupon Book
Give gifts of time, experience, and memories—not more stuff! New Dream's Printable Coupon Book is an easy-to-use template that you can print out, customize, and give to family and friends of all ages.

Alternative Gift Fairs 101
Want to build community? Tired of the commercialization of the holidays? Organize an Alternative Gift Fair in your town!

Photo Slideshow: How Do You #SimplifyHolidays?

Join the movement to Simplify the Holidays! Check out this photo slideshow from New Dream staff, board members, and allies.

Reader Submissions: How I Simplify the Holidays
How do you simplify the holidays? We asked you, the New Dream community, for your ideas — and the response was overwhelming! Here are some of our favorite suggestions.

My Holidays, Simplified: More Connection, Less Stuff
New Dream board member Holly Minch shares her path toward more connection and less stuff during the holidays.

Have a Hundred Dollar Holiday
Commit to a “Hundred Dollar Holiday” this year, spending only $100 on gifts and decorations. It will be challenging, but it provides an opportunity for a more creative holiday. Environmentalist and author Bill McKibben explains more.

5 Reasons to Celebrate Buy Nothing Day
Black Friday has become an absurd day of aggressive, wasteful, and needless shopping. Thanksgiving should be about appreciating the blessings in your life — not about leaving your family right after dinner to stand in line for the next iThing. Here are five reasons to celebrate Buy Nothing Day on November 29.

Quiz: Which Holiday Movie Character Are You?
A Grinch? A Linus? A Clark Griswold? Take our quiz to find out how you approach the holidays each year, and how to begin simplifying.

Simplify the Holidays Pinterest Board
Love Pinterest? Follow New Dream's Simplify the Holidays Pinterest board for more inspiration throughout the season!

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