Download Template: Coupon Book

Use this easy template to make your own coupon book gift this holiday season!
(Thank you Frugal Mama for the inspiration!)


  1. Download template to the right (click on the images).
  2. Print out pages on 8.5"x11" letter size paper (in either color or in black & white)
  3. Cut each paper into four equal pieces (vertically). Fold each page and cut with scissors, or use a paper cutter for extra precision.
  4. Fill out each coupon. This is the fun part — be creative! (Need inspiration? See below for coupon ideas.)
  5. Assemble your coupon book: front cover, coupon pages, and back cover. Make sure all the pages are oriented correctly (all pages facing forward, except back cover facing out)
  6. Bind the book on the left side. You may use a stapler, or punch holes and tie with ribbon or string.
  7. Give your coupon book as a gift!


These are just some ideas to get you going — there are countless more! Remember, the best coupons are those that are personal and meaningful to the specific recipient. Think about who you're giving the coupon book to and what would make him or her smile!

For Adults

  • Homemade dinner
  • Music lessons
  • Camping trip
  • Date night
  • Help with chores
  • Babysitting
  • Repair work
  • Pet care
  • Tickets to concert or show of choice

For Kids

  • Staying up 15 minutes past bedtime
  • Being excused from cleaning up mess after playing
  • Stop everything and play a game with me (or read me a story)
  • Getting to skip a fruit or vegetable (and still eat dessert)
  • Trip to zoo or park
  • Extra story at bedtime
  • Family trip to movie theater (I choose the movie)

Want more inspiration? Download our More Fun Less Stuff Gift Catalog, or check out creative gift ideas on SoKind.

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