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Every piece of jewelry tells a story. Gold and diamonds are often produced at the expense of the Earth and workers' rights and safety. Look for used or recycled jewelry, or dig in the family treasure chest for an old heirloom that can be repurposed with a sentimental twist. If you're opting to buy new, choose fair trade jewelry that provides a decent living to talented artisans, or gold and gems mined in a socially and ecologically responsible manner.

Why It's Important

The mining of gold, silver, and precious gems can have tremendous impacts on the local environment, on the health of mine workers, and on communities that live in the vicinity of mines. Learn more from Earthworks' No Dirty Gold Campaign.

By opting for fair trade jewelry, you can help guarantee a larger share of control for on-the-ground producers, who traditionally see very little of the profit generated from their labors. As the Fair Trade Resource Network explains, “Fair trade with low income artisans to build their business and market their products directly to consumers. In relationship to the producers, the FTOs adhere to a strict array of criteria…regarding workers’ pay, environmental practices, and other terms, set forth by groups such as the Fair Trade Federation.”

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