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SoKind: The Alternative Gift Registry

It’s been a year of intense planning, fundraising, and collaboration for our small team, and we are happy to announce that the Alternative Gift Registry has now relaunched as SoKind.

Thank you for being part of our very supportive and vocal audience. We heard you, and we appreciate all the requests we received (many times a week!) for us to revive the Alternative Gift Registry. We’ve done that—and more!

Check out the new SoKind website:

American consumer culture has created an expectation that celebrations must be extravagant affairs in order to be special. Events that should be joyful and meaningful are now often occasions that generate stress, waste, and debt. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Just like the Alternative Gift Registry, SoKind allows you to create personalized registries for any celebration—promoting the giving of handmade, secondhand, nonmaterial, and truly meaningful gifts. After all, your favorite gifts don't always fit in a box.

In addition, we're pleased to unveil new features that were not previously available, such as photo uploading, customizable backgrounds, gift categories, automatic email notifications, and more. SoKind is user friendly, visually appealing, and fun to use. We know you will love it!

Here's to celebrating with more fun and less stuff. Join SoKind today!