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Coming Together for Resilience

Sometimes, the best way to be self-reliant is with the support of one's community. With that in mind, several national organizations have fostered the development of Resilience Circles, small local groups that come together to help people adjust to and prepare for changing economic and world conditions.

Read about how two Boston residents are building community and increasing their personal security through participation in a local Resilience Circle.

Together, these groups strive toward three goals:

  1. TO LEARN TOGETHER: including some of the root causes of growing economic security today and how to deal with our personal situations, like how to get out of debt.

  2. TO PROVIDE MUTUAL AID: including helping one's neighbor and receiving help in making ends meet, getting out of debt, and how to work together to increase economic security at the community level.

  3. AND TO HELP CHANGE SOCIETY: along with acting locally, these clubs ask global questions and encourage participants to think and act globally, not just locally.

In practice, Resilience Circles quickly find ways to help each other, exchanging skills, goods, time, and aiding each other in big and small ways. And through this process, feelings of security can increase along with political engagement.

To learn more about Resilience Circles including how to find one in your area (or how to start one) visit here.

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