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Kids Unbranded

Ads are everywhere these days: infiltrating movies, TV shows, the Internet, and even our kids’ schools. And while we’re all at risk for the harm caused by excessive commercialism, our children are particularly susceptible to the harms caused by this advertising onslaught.

Over the past few decades, the degree to which marketers have scaled up efforts to reach children is staggering. Research suggests that aggressive marketing to kids contributes to excessive materialism as well as to a host of psychological and behavioral problems. Moreover, this encouragement to value materialistic aims conflicts with children’s ability to make the broader changes required to live more sustainably.

At New Dream, we believe it’s important to help children reclaim valuable noncommercial space in their lives—space to be children, not merely consumers. Let’s take on this challenge together.


Our guides and action kits provide parents and caregivers with practical tools to protect kids from intrusive and harmful advertising.

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Our infographics, videos, and other resources help parents and caregivers push back against excessive advertising in the various phases of our children’s lives.

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