Providing tools and support to families, citizens, and activists to counter our consumerist culture and to create new social norms about how to have a high quality of life and a reduced ecological footprint.

About the Beyond Consumerism Program

We work too much, we consume too much, we don’t have enough time for friends and family, and we’re constantly being bombarded with marketers' manipulative messages. It’s time to help Americans live lives beyond consumerism. It’s time to build a society that has transcended an economy based on artificially stimulated consumption and unsustainable growth and to develop instead an economy and culture that are centered on maximizing well-being.

The Center for a New American Dream’s Beyond Consumerism program is striving to do this by providing ways for individuals, communities, and activists to help transform their lives and culture so that living sustainably becomes as natural as living as a consumer has become today. The goal of the program is to help Americans move beyond the consumer culture that has taken root since the mid 20th century.

Strategies include:

Inspiration & Education: We provide articles, videos, blogs, and interviews that challenge the "normalization" of high-consumption lifestyles and the consumerist-oriented economy, as well as promote alternatives for households, schools, and broader society.

Resources & Tools: We provide easy and accessible content on steps toward lifestyle changes and low-impact living, as well as an "alternative" gift registry, SoKind, that enables people to think beyond the traditional registry when preparing for life milestones and celebrations.

Partnering & Campaigns: We support and build coalitions for awareness-raising and strategic advocacy, including on issues such as the work-leisure balance (e.g., a reduced workweek), reducing the spread of commercialism in schools, and select consumer campaigns.

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