SoKind Registry

SoKind allows you to create gift registries focused less on stuff and more on family, fun, and friends. Join SoKind today, and check out our new premium features like a calendar, online payment options, and more!

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Take the Pledge!

More and more people are saying "No" to bottled water. Take our pledge to #UnbottleWater, and we'll provide the resources you need to take action at home and in your community!

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Support Our Work

Help us build a New American Dream. Our work is only possible thanks to the support of our generous audience—people just like you. Please make a gift to New Dream today!

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Kids Unbranded

Our popular guide is designed to give parents, educators, and others a greater understanding of the excessive advertising that children face today, as well as practical tools to push back against the onslaught.

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New Dream Webinars

Want to promote a new American Dream where you live? Our webinar series features speakers and resources for starting up community projects such as tool libraries, time banks, solar cooperatives, seed libraries, and much more!

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