Truth and Bottled Water: Both Slippery Commodities

Tappening, an anti-bottled water website, provides a useful blog with information on what's going on in the campaign against bottled water. They also provide something a little less healthy but more fun: their "start a lie" campaign has the motto "If they can lie, so can you. Find out the truth at".  

People are free to post their own lies on "start a lie" website or post Tappening advertisements on social networks and websites.  Fighting the slick ad campaigns that have convinced us of the product's purity in the face of common sense, requires a few basic facts and perhaps a sense of humor. Eric Yaverbaum, hopes this campaign will make people realize that bottled water is not much better than tap water.  

If you want to read the outrageous lies or post one yourself, visit the website.  Perhaps you might get a few laughs.  More importantly, this is one of the few chances in your life where you can lie and get away with it!

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