Trip to the Community Forklift

This weekend I set out to purchase some wood for a compost bin that I wanted to build for my house. My initial plan included a trip to home depot for some newly furnished wood, but a friend of mine suggested I take a trip to Maryland to check out a non-profit called the Community Forklift. It’s a nonprofit that collects used materials through donations, including wood from demolished buildings.

I was reluctant at first, thinking I wouldn’t be able to find the exact materials that I needed, but when I arrived I knew right away that I could make it work. The building is a ware house of used goods; you can find anything from door knobs to bathtubs, everything in tact and perfectly capable of being reused.  In essence, it took a change in mindset to realize that production is consumption. By buying used wood I was eliminating the demand for new wood, and there buy minimizing the energy needed to produce more chemically treated wood, the habitat destruction resulting from cutting down trees, and the emissions used in the transportation of that wood.

It’s nice to know I have options, and that a place like the Community Forklift exists for people looking for materials for their next project.  Not only did I reduce my carbon footprint, but I did it at an affordable price. I purchased all my wood at a price of under five dollars!

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