Tranquility is Green: Serene Gift Ideas

Kimberly Wilson is a DC based teacher, author, activist, entrepreneur and designer, who owns the Tranquil Space yoga studios in Dupont Circle, Arlington, and Bethesda.  As a student at Tranquil Space, I am often blown away by the Center's commitment to mindful living, environmental justice, and a greater understanding of the self.

On her blog, Tranquility Du Jour, Wilson publishes ideas, tips, and tricks to live a full and healthy life.  In a recent post on the holidays, she provides some tips that New Dreamers can put to good use:

    2. give mindfully. has your best friend been dying to see a new exhibit at your local art gallery? give her a coupon for a complimentary afternoon on the date of her choice to peruse the exhibit, dine in a nearby café, and catch up with you. experiences last so much longer than yet another striped scarf and glove set. if you must give a gift, consider making one. pottery. knit. bead a necklace and earring set. cook up some bath salts. bake a pie. make a centerpiece. cut up a sweater into arm and legwarmers. pour homemade candles. paint a t-shirt with stencils and fabric paint. crochet a blanket. decoupage a flower pot. a journal with your favorite quotes. a jar filled with dry ingredients for your much-loved cocoa or cookie recipe.

    4. share your resources with others. there are many ways to volunteer and be of service during this sacred time of the year. what is close to your heart? you can sponsor a child or family for the holiday and buy a couple items to help make their day special through various local organizations. how about fostering a new dog or cat? what about becoming a big sister? or even donating some of your time to a local shelter such as house of ruth. visit a nursing home and watch their faces light up! bake cookies for the office. smile at a passenger on the metro.

Read the rest of the tips here.

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