The UN on Food Waste: Room for Improvement

The United Nations Environment Programme released a report about food waste last week, warning that half the world's food is wasted due to human inefficiency.

Putting that stark fact against the backdrop of climate change, increasing human population, decreasing biodiversity and lower crop yields results in a rather bleak picture. There are a few hopeful messages in there: using less grain for livestock could help, as does organic farming.

"There is evidence within the report that the world could feed the entire projected population growth alone by becoming more efficient while also ensuring the survival of wild animals, birds and fish on this planet," said UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner...

Organic food production is the one bright spot in this grim picture...The survey found that yields had more than doubled where organic or near-organic practices had been used, with the yield jumping to 128 percent in east Africa.

I guess "human inefficiency" means that, on the one hand, we are our own worst enemies, and on the other, that it is in our power to make changes to stop waste, individually and collectively.

Read the full Environmental News Service article here.

Hat tip to: Lighter Footstep

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