Socrates and the Win/Fail of Everyday Life

Death declines during depressions, reports Mother Jones' Blue Marble Blog. Blogger Julia Whitty traces the causality back to the stressful working habits, overindulgent fast-food eating practices, and increases in cardiovascular and respiratory deaths related to atmospheric pollution. This all g...

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Kitchen Table, Wood Floor, and Other Forms of Everyday Philosophy

What are the everyday images that go into your personal philosophy? It's a common mistake to think that philosophy is like religion: something most people only do on special occasions unless they belong to a class of professionals. Actually, it is only natural that when we try to express meaning,...

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Tags: Adulthood, Meaning, More of what matters, Personality, Philosophy, Virginia woolf
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Living Well, Connecting Thoughtfully, How You Can Help

As New Dream has been rethinking our social networking strategies, I've been revisiting what this internet thing is supposed to be for, anyway. It's something many of us probably wonder while we rush from email to Facebook and now to Twitter...How do these extra responsibilities that we've added ...

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