Escape From High Fructose Corn Syrup Mountain

This weekend, I went on a trip to the mountains to enjoy the last of the snow. I don’t have a problem keeping high fructose and other corn syrup out of my diet at home; I can stick to my resolution. No big deal, right? Boy, was I wrong! I got in the car and someone handed me some chewy licorice ...

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The Egg of Discord: Unclear Ethical Concerns Lead to Controversy

If you're among the majority of Americans and don't keep your own egg-laying hens, you may still want the most ethical egg that money can buy. The New York Times' article, Sorting Through the Claims of the Boastful Egg, can help demystify your egg purchases, distinguishing between the labeling a...

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The Experts Say "Go Veg" - But Will We?

Ok, ok, we get it - going vegetarian (and eating locally grown, in season food) is the best thing for the environment. It's better for our overall health to throw more veggies into the mix. It can be better for our wallets. It's better for everything ever! So why are so many adults resistant to ...

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Everybody Here With Us Chickens - The Urban Chicken Coop

No Impact Man blogged about an intriguing movement going on in New York City: big-city henhouses. For a refreshingly bucolic touch among the city's blocks packed with human dwellings, city slickers are beginning to keep their own egg-hens, which is suprisingly not forbidden by city codes. Readin...

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