Skateboards to Benefit New Dream Through STAY VOCAL

STAY VOCAL is "the voice of a progressive, positive, reusing world."

Have you ever had a close friend or perhaps a cousin that you thought of as a mirror image of you...with a twist? STAY VOCAL is like New Dream's hip, streetwise cousin, with very much the same values (treading lightly upon the earth, working towards positive change in society)...except they auction off skateboards to benefit charity.

To date, New Dream has not broken into the skateboard market, which is why we recommend checking out the skateboards on the time-limited Ebay auctions STAY VOCAL has set up, with 25% of the proceeds going to New Dream.

STAY VOCAL has some cool re-used clothes in their store, but they also have a lot of great freebies like web banners, buddy icons, and wallpapers (with sustainability and nonviolence themes, of course). They also have a lot of good educational resources, asking such questions as "Where would we be?" without the trailblazers who have brought us closer to social justice. "By simply recognizing and celebrating those throughout history who have made progress by staying vocal, we can contribute to their pursuit to unify the world," STAY VOCAL says.

Even if you don't have use for a skateboard, be sure to check out this great organization and their many partnerships.

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