Score One for the Trees: San Francisco Passes Junk Mail Resolution


It's always exciting when a long process begins to bear fruit. From first addressing the issue in 1997, since 2000 New Dream has been one of the louder voices advocating for junk mail reform. San Francisco's recent resolution calling upon California to create a Do Not Mail Registry is a great moment for the anti-junk mail movement. From the press release:



"Until now, junk mailers have stifled all efforts to give Americans what they want: an enforceable, comprehensive solution to junk mail's waste and annoyance" said ForestEthics Executive Director Todd Paglia. "San Francisco is the first city in the United States to take political action against junk mail, marking the beginning of a long-awaited government intervention to protect citizens from relentless and predatory junk mailers." Bills calling for Do Not Mail Registries have failed in more than 20 states, despite widespread frustration with junk mail. A 2007 Zogby poll revealed that 89% of Americans support the creation of a national registry.



It may be just a start, but it's a movement in the right direction, one that might save some of the more than 100 million trees wasted on junk mail every year.



hat tip: The Paper Planet.


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