Same Inside

I came across this lovely poem last night.  It made me think that despite all our differences at the end of the day we are all the same inside.  We yearn for companionship, sense of achievement, good health, a family of our own.  Thus, rather than focusing on our own needs we ought to create a tight knit community.  Take a moment this weekend to talk to your neighbors and see how they are doing.  Perhaps you might even want to participate in a volunteer opportunity.  Forming new friendships and strengthening the ones you have can provide you with a great sense of peace.

The Same Inside

Walking to your place for a love feast

I saw at a street corner

an old beggar woman.

I took her hand

kissed her delicate cheek,

we talked, she was

the same inside as I am

from the same kind

I sensed this instantly

as a dog knows by scent

another dog

I gave her money.

I could not part from her.

After all, one needs 

someone who is close.

And then I no longer knew

why I was walking to your place.

- Anna Swir

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