Rosie Puts on a Green Shirt: Feminist icon signs up for the environmental movement

Right around the time the recession hit, my thoughts turned to Rosie as a symbol of strength in adversity. Today I was reading about the laudable efforts the US Army is making to track its carbon "bootprint" and happened upon a new Rosie, a green Rosie sporting a tattoo and looking just as tough as ever. She appears on the VeteransGreenJobs site, which runs the Veterans Green Jobs Academy designed to get participants jobs and/or degrees. The program is part of the trend in green industry of targeting veterans because of their skills, particularly their training in energy and technology.

"Makeover" somehow seems like the wrong word for a feminist icon, but check out the green-shirted Rosie and consider other overlaps between feminism and the green movement.

Tags: Army, Feminism, Green jobs, Icon, Military

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