Revitalization: My New Dream

Revitalize: To impart new life or vigor to.

The town of Lockeport, Nova Scotia, Canada is planning a  revitalization project with the help of Storm Cunningham, founder of the Revitalization Institute.  Led by Dayle Eshelby, Town of Lockeport Integrated Community Sustainability Coordinator, the town plans to engage the communityin the development process of an action plan.

Poised in front of the microphone, I read to empty seats. I have been helping to host an open mic night for poets and musicians at a local coffee shop here in Takoma Park that needs to be revitalized.

I am finding myself returning to the word "revitalize" over and over again. It reminds me that I need to work with what I have. I need to use the materials that I own to improve the spaces around me. This means enhancing my life in ways other than consuming more stuff. It means developing community outlets for myself and others that allow for idea sharing, like the open mic. It means taking the time to preserve and protect the natural spaces around us and restore developed areas, like in the Town of Lockeport.

Whether it is public infrastructure, the environment or the people, we need to be sure they are thriving. These are fundamental items critical to living simply and lightly on the planet.  Whether you decide to revitalize your home, your street, your community, or yourself through conversation, building projects, sharing, or meditation, you might as well dive right in.  What am I going to do? I am going to work to improve the open mic because it provides  a venue for interaction and conversation that can breathe new life into those involved.

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