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Lucy Wise

So many products claim to be green, but which ones live up to their promises, and promise to be worth your money? The Center for a New American Dream is pleased to offer the first in a series of entries in which staff members review green products. All of the opinions expressed in these reviews are those of the individual reviewers. Their experiences navigating the green marketplace might save you from some greenwashing pitfalls and save you some pennies.

The series kicks off with a special review from the perspective of one of New Dream's Directors: Lucy Wise, Director of Canine Affairs.

  1. What's good for humans is good for me. Waste from cattle and hog farming takes a significant environmental toll. Chicken-based pet foods have a lower carbon impact than beef- or pork-based formulas. I may not be ready to go for the vegetarian pet foods on the market today, but I don't mind lowering my carbon pawprint with my dog food of choice: Artemis Holistic brand.  If you're on the fence about spending a little extra on the "fancier" brands that make claims to be better for the environment, research the brand to make sure they are what they say they are, and try out a small package on your pooch or kitty. I think organic pet food tastes better.

  2. Except some flavors that are better suited to human tastes. "Green tea dog treats"? No thank you. Some green dog products are too "people-like" for me.

  3. Clothes may make the person but I only need one collar. You should get a really good collar for your pet, such as those made from recycled materials, but your dog doesn't need more than one. The same goes for a lot of the items tempting you on display in a pet store--they're catering to a human's need for variety, not a pet's.

  4. Happiness is fleeting and so are my toys. Remember all the times I joyfully reduced to shreds an expensive toy you'd just brought home from the store? Stuffed animals from the thrift store are just as fun to destroy and aren't made from new materials.

  5. Pets make people live longer, healthier lives by bringing companionship, one of life's simple pleasures. Spending time with our owner, more than any shiny toy you can buy in the store, is what matters to us.

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