Public Fruit: Mapping the Windfall in Your Area

"Public" and "fruit" may not be two words you are accustomed to putting together, but the folks from Fallen Fruit, an activist art project based in LA, want to change that. They have several ongoing projects related to windfall fruit from public lands, and they're asking your help to map the public fruit in your area. Check out the locations they have so far.

The project reminds me of the mulberry trees from the park outside an old apartment of mine. I'd never realized that the dark purple berries were anything more than a nuisance, but as if on a hidden signal, gleaners in the know would descend upon the trees all at the same time, filling containers with the flavorful fruits, which I hear make very good jam and cobbler. Scout out the public riches in your area and share the locations with others.

Via: Jonathan Bloom's Wasted Food Blog

Tags: Berry, Diy, Fruit, Glean, Homemade, Local food, Map, Windfall

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