New Beef Section on Cater to the Earth

Check out the new Cater to the Earth section on Beef. This in-depth look at the environmental impacts of meat consumption follows cows from their food and water to the meatpacking plant, your plate, and beyond to the atmosphere.

Speaking of beef, what is it about burger ads? They seem to be designed by the id run amok.  Remember the "viral" advertisements about "Whopper Virgins" (not the first time a quasi-sexual allusion has been made in the form of voluptuous cheeseburgers)? The most recent burger ad snafu is a European campaign that has caused an uproar over the stereotypical portrayal of Mexicans.

An advertisement for Burger King's Texican Whopper burger that has run in Europe shows a small wrestler dressed in a cape resembling a Mexican flag. The wrestler teams up with a lanky American cowboy almost twice his height to illustrate the cross-border blend of flavors.

"The taste of Texas with a little spicy Mexican," a narrator's voice says.

The taller cowboy boosts the wrestler up to reach high shelves and helps clean tall windows, while the Mexican helps the cowboy open a jar.

Let Cater to the Earth deconstruct the history, economics, and culture of beef for you.

Hat tip: Huffington Post

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