National Zero Waste Week

The UK site My Zero Waste has declared National Zero Waste Week--how can it be different than every other week? We in the US struggle with reducing waste just as much as our neighbors across the pond, and like them we can follow some simple tips for reducing waste.

  • Pack a zero waste lunch. Bringing your lunch is cheaper than eating out and saves on all the takeout paraphernalia: bags, wrappers, cutlery, and the dreaded styrofoam. There are greener ways to brown bag it than using a brown bag, however.

  • Repair it - Electronics tend to become obsolete so quickly we don't think it's worth it to repair them. The Last Year's Model Twitter feed lets you post your choice to hold on to still-useful goods.

  • Donate it - There are plenty of places to donate used books, school supplies, computers, toys, and more.

  • Reduce - Follow some of the tips from My Zero Waste.

Tags: Recycle, Reduce, Reuse

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