More Fun, Less Stuff: A Major Trend

The current economic downtown is unique in that it has, in an unprecedented way, spanned across both age and income brackets of all levels. Many, if not most, of us have had to take a step back and think about what’s really important in life. Americans are re-evaluating deeply ingrained feelings on consumption and what brings happiness – spending time with loved ones or spending money. A recent New York Times article has recently pointed out just how strong of a national trend this is.

Americans of all walks of life are cutting back on buying goods and services and are focusing on more of what matters such as “organizational, civic and religious activities.” Americans are visiting museums more often, seeing more movies together, and are even practicing more yoga, cites the report.

The truly remarkable aspect of this new trend is how widespread it is. In fact, a new poll found that nearly half of Americans said they were spending less time buying nonessentials, and more than half are spending less money in stores and online. The silver lining in the current recession seems to be that more and more people are rediscovering more of what matters: less stuff, more fun.

The Center for A New American Dream has been advocating for this message of simplicity since it began in 1997. New Dream offers a plethora of resources such as how to simplify your holidays, consume more consciously, and create your own alternative gift registry. Take a look at our website and see how you can live a happier life with less stuff!

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This is good news. I hope it’s a trend that’s not going to die down soon, as for once it’s an actual beneficial trend. I’m glad that people are starting to step back and look at what truly matters in life, not just the material things that you decorate it with.

Posted by C. King at March 18, 2012 at 2:16am


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