Milk Money: A Recycled Carton Coin Purse

I was reading one of those family magazines in the doctor's waiting room and stumbled upon this fun DIY project. I know sometimes these do-it-yourself crafts are a little silly and require you to be much craftier than you really are, but this carton coin purse looks pretty simple.

There are instructions and a how-to video online to make a wallet/coin purse made from an old juice, milk, or soy carton. So drink up and grab some scissors!

Top 5 things I love about this project:

1. It recycles trash...but don't tell people your wallet is trashy)

2. It doesn't cost holds money.

3. It fun and fast to make...who doesn't love a little instant gratification?

4. It's cool enough to give as a gift...even to less eco-friendly friends.

5. My New Dream wallet buddy and debit card fit in it too.

So since we're all trying to pinch pennies, let's make a good place to put'em.

Tags: Art, Crafts, Diy, Fun, Pennies, Project, Purse, Wallet, Waste

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