Link Roundup: Developing Nations, Food, and Petitions


Back after a bit of a hiatus from dealing with other projects, there's a lot of interesting news to catch up on.



  • Developing a Greener Third World: "the ideal incubator for the sorts of clean-technology innovations." (NYT)

  • "Climate Change is Sexist" (Grist)

  • There's a petition going around asking the WHO to regulate factory farms and protect the public from Swine Flu (Civil Eats)

  • Paying people in developing nations to preserve forests and jungles might be a good way to preserve endangered species and cut carbon emissions (DotEarth)

  • You may have heard of the overturned truck full of perfectly edible Little Debbie Snack cakes that ended up in the landfill instead of the local food bank. Now there's a petition asking the company to donate money to the Oregon Food Bank instead. (wastedfood/The Non-Consumer Advocate)

  • A subject belatedly coming into the international spotlight: Crimes against future generations. Can we build into our laws provisions that will stop short-sighted environmental practices for the sake of humans to come? (DotEarth)

  • Still on the fence about genetically modified food? Read this summary of one scientist's views about the "largest diet experiment in history." (The Ethicurean)

  • An unforgettable slideshow from the GuardianUK..The World's Poor Drowning in Trash (via EverydayTrash)

Sheep feed off rubbish left on one of Albania's biggest beach resorts of Durres

Photograph: Gent Shkullaku/AFP


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