Healthy Eats: Staff Updates

Here's some updates from New Dreamers who are either keeping up with their food resolutions or finding some healthy breakfast options.

Latoya Learning to eat and cook with “clean” or whole foods has been beneficial to both my energy levels and the planet. The only problem left is our culture of convenience which doesn’t really incorporate whole foods besides fresh fruit.

Mary Jo Though I fell off the wagon, I’ve been getting my fructose kick in a natural way these days. I use my juicer (call me a consumer whore but it’s my prized possession) to make tasty breakfasts that pretty much cover my daily dose of fruits and veggies. Today’s juice was outstanding! Here’s the recipe: 2 organic apples, peeled 1 tangerine 1 organic beet 1 organic pear One big nub of ginger It makes about 12 oz of juice in my juicer. But Jess’s brand-spanking new one would probably extract about 1.5 times that amount! That’s a lot of juice.

Max I just had a great breakfast today for the first time. Feta cheese, eggs, fresh spinach and black pepper. All sautéed in a pan. Its delicious.

Michele While the chaos of moving and getting acclimated to a home with 8 people sharing one tiny (but vegetarian!) kitchen has put my grand plans of a 100-mile diet week on hold, I’ve been making a concerted effort to prove to myself that eating locally and deliciously is still possible in winter. For the past month, I’ve gotten my produce and dairy from a farmer’s market every Sunday, and have been very pleasantly surprised by the range of offerings. I’m realizing more and more how unnecessary it is to have a vast array of unseasonable produce available at every grocery store, and how my detachment from my food’s journey to my plate genuinely detracts from my pleasure consuming it. Not only is the quality and freshness of my market produce unparalleled, but I’ve come to revel in the sense of community, in the familiar faces of both farmers and shoppers coming together with a common vision of a sustainable food system. And despite my concerns that farmer’s market shopping would be a budget breaker, I’ve found that as long as I’m conscious of what I’m spending and not buying more than my housemates and I will realistically consume in a week, the costs are completely reasonable. Plus, the satisfaction of knowing that my food dollars reflect my values brings me about as much satisfaction as that first bite into a crisp, farm-fresh apple.

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