Half-Full or Half-Empty, Halving Your Lifstyle Could Be a Good Thing

I came across this cool thing called "The Half Plan" in the context of some solar lighting research. A plan that helps you "cut your energy use, energy cost, and C02 Emissions in half" sounds like a triple-win scenario. The site gives details about cost investment for each project, estimating that the initial year's outlay was over $11,000, which may be a little more than most of us can afford right now, but they emphasize that taking their projects in steps will ultimately get you to a lower yearly energy bill.

See their helpful plan for people who do like plans, or the one for people who don't like plans, for help on making realistic plans and resources for making those plans a reality.

The whole idea of a "half plan" got me to thinking, though: would that be a good approach to a lot of our lifestyle problems? "Reduce" may be too vague, and "do without" may not be realistic, but would reducing a est percentage of our consumption of things like problem junk food, Starbuck's coffee, meat, or packaging have better results?

Human nature seems to dictate that dieting leads to creative math, so saying you can eat half a serving of anything will simply lead to larger portions, and thus, larger halves. I am interested in whether people have had success in setting specific goals for reduced consumption, as opposed to general aims.

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