Give GM a Piece of Your Mind--We Did.

Many of us in the US and Canada are upset over the General Motors (GM) bailout. Some wish it never happened and others are peeved by the way it was constructed. But the fact remains that the citizens in the US and Canada own 72 percent of the remaining company. While I am sure someone will be quick to point out that the terms of the deal make us majority stockholder, but did not give us or our governments voting rights. To that I answer: Hogwash. We might not have shareholder rights per se but there are any number of pressure points readily available to us from exerting market pressures to making life uncomfortable for the elected officials who handed out our money and traded away our rights.

For our part the Center for a New American Dream wants two things: we want GM to succeed and we want the company to change fundamentally. Read our virtual stockholders resolution.

We think it is a pretty good set of suggests and we hope that the management of GM--not known for their listening skills--breaks from tradition and takes the recommendations to heart. These recommendations are good but not perfect so we have also created a virtual majority shareholders page on Facebook where you can easily critique or endorse what we are saying or submit your own set. The more the merrier.

You are the real owners of GM and with that come rights and responsibilities. Take the time to tell them what you want and how they should operate. We are frequently saying that social networks like Facebook and Twitter are bringing democracy to the world--perhaps through actions such as this we can re-inject democracy into our lives as well.

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