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When I return to my RSS feed after a few days away, I'm amazed at the bounty that greets me (and sometimes overwhelmed by it). Today a bunch of food insights were waiting for me, so I thought I'd share the wealth:

  • Do you know where your food has been? Use the Global Grocer tool from Food and Water Watch and get connected with your produce's history, safety, and action steps.
    Via The Ethicurian

  • How fresh is your orange juice? Orange juice is one of those hyper-specialized modern fixtures, but does choosing "not from concentrate" over "from concentrate" guarantee a straight-from-the-orange drink? Valencia oranges are in season now, so if you want a U.S.-grown not-from-concentrate juice, this is the time of year to buy orange juice.
    Via: Civil Eats

  • The Freezer: Your Friend in the Fight Against Food Waste. Mark Bittman's Minimalist blog sings the praises of the freezer, and gives tips for maximizing its usefulness.
    Via: Wasted Food Blog

  • The Microwave: Summertime's Energy-Efficient Tool. Microwaves get a bad rap, but they target energy to food, rather than the atmosphere, making them perfect for summer. I once knew a family that kept their microwave in the basement, running up and down the stairs to avoid being in the same room as the radiation. A bigger threat is probably the tendency to undercook foods when using the microwave as a primary mode of preparation. Use these microwave safety tips from the USDA as guidelines, and remember that all plastics should be labeled for microwave use.
    Via: Lighter Footstep

  • Thinking of cutting down on your meat consumption? There's no time like the present to slow down the rate at which the US consumes chickens, pigs, and cows (animated graphic).
    Via: Ethicurian

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