Follow the green brick road

Good news for people living in Edmonston, Maryland.  The town's Decatur Street will be reconstructed into an environmentally-friendly road, which will consist of  "rain gardens, porous brick and a drought-resistant tree canopy designed to shade the concrete, filter rainwater before it flows into the river and put people to work," according to the Washington Post.

While there are already green streets established within large cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago, this will be the first green street project within the Washington, DC  area.  The project, which  is estimated to be complete within six months, qualified for a stimulus package of $1.3 million  from the federal government, and will provide job opportunities for approximately 40 construction workers.

Next time you happen to drive near Decatur Street, slow down and see if you notice a difference within the Edmonston community.


SOURCE: The Washington Post - July 23, 2009

Tags: Community, Sustainability

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