Finding What Matters In Times of Crisis

We are in the midst of an economic crisis—one that threatens American jobs, homes, life savings. In troubled times, each of us must take stock of our situation and assess our own economic forecast.  Facing catastrophic losses, we may not find silver linings, but in seeking the economic and emotional reserves to see us through the storm, we might discover what really matters to us.

Economic security matters. Stuff doesn’t. Our economy in recent decades has been propped up to an alarming degree by profligate consumer spending and wasting of resources. Even before the crisis, it was obvious that the traditional American Dream of comfort and security had been displaced by a “more is better” focus that promotes not quality of life, but rather the unbridled production and consumption of throwaway goods.

The fact is, for years we’ve been on a work and spend treadmill, a government-sanctioned effort to turn the economy into a perpetual motion machine. Growth (and greed) have trumped all other concerns.  We've been wearing ourselves out, spinning our wheels and spending hard-earned dollars on consumer items that don’t leave us fulfilled or, apparently, all that economically secure.

New American Dream can’t solve the financial crisis, but we do help individuals live within their limits—both personally and ecologically.  New Dream envisions a society that values more of what matters – not just “more."  We are dedicated to helping support and nurture an American dream that revives the spirit of the traditional dream—but with a new emphasis on non-material values like financial security, fairness, community, health, time, nature, and fun.  We see both a nation and a world in which a healthy global ecosystem anchors a just society offering all citizens the freedom, the resources and the personal security necessary to pursue their dreams, connect with the natural world, and enjoy a high quality of life.

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