Escape From High Fructose Corn Syrup Mountain

This weekend, I went on a trip to the mountains to enjoy the last of the snow. I don’t have a problem keeping high fructose and other corn syrup out of my diet at home; I can stick to my resolution. No big deal, right?

Boy, was I wrong! I got in the car and someone handed me some chewy licorice candies. Pop…Pop…mmm…Oops! No fast food on the road, but I forgot to read the fine print on the sandwich bread ingredients…OOPS! I avoided cola and gulped ginger ale and sipped a sports drink. I narrowly dodged cheese dip, only to munch a marshmallow. All packed with high fructose corn syrup and perhaps some mercury.  Sigh.

I learned my lesson about toast, but I resigned myself to the vices of cheesy tortilla chips, a few M&Ms, some cookies and dressing on my salad.  I was happy to know that at least I could eat Cheez-its. I would not have survived the 6 hour car ride without them.  How did I fall off the wagon so fast and so hard?

I was overwhelmed with a combination of satisfaction and guilt all weekend. I thought 1) what else did I eat that I forgot to keep track of? What’s this going to do to my figure?

The truth about corn syrup is, like most reasonable science tells us, stick to moderation. In fact Canadian scientists are reassuring us that fructose stimulates your metabolism in small doses.

Though you might still be hearing from me about it, I am ending my ban on corn syrup. After nearly a month with the corn syrup entirely and a weekend of near HFCS bingeing, I plan to just stick to moderation to avoid extra calories and mercury.

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