Energy Star Products Fail Audit


Does your household own any Energy Star products? If so, you may want to double check if it meets energy standards.  According to an article submitted by the New York Times, the Department or Energy states that not all Energy Star products meet the energy standards.



Energy Star is a energy efficient manufacturing company jointly managed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy.  The Obama adminstration has placed much emphasis on energy efficiency by offering $300 million rebates for consumers who buy Energy Star products.



How will this recent article affect consumers who assumed they were saving costs and energy usage by buying Energy Star products? The energy department's inspector general stated the failed audit report could, "could reduce consumer confidence in the integrity of the Energy Star label."



Hopefully this incident does not further dilute the meaning of green products.  Consumers may question whether or not sustainable products are truly more cost effective and better for the environment. The Obama administration has reassured the public of its commitment to the program and promises to fix any problems within the standard.


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