Ecycling, recycling, and salvaging use out of your old electronics

The fast pace of technological innovation seems to have fallen right in step with the human need for novelty. That iPod that seemed so shiny-new and "modern" such a short time ago is now a little scratched but still serviceable. Or maybe it's been dropped one too many times and isn't useful. Many people with a green conscience hang on to slews of outdated and broken electronics because they know such items shouldn't be directed to the landfill, but they aren't sure what to do with them.

You can find some advice on computer takeback programs and recycling options on our Conscious Consumer Marketplace Computers page.  It's updated with some new information from the New York Times.

And just to redefine your definition of "no longer useful," watch this video from Why, That's Delightful about salvaging parts from your old VCR (via Treehugger)

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