Cook with Homegrown Herbs for Simple, Inexpensive, Satisfying Meals

Science may have created all sorts of artificial flavors that we may have learned to seek out in processed foods, but there's no substitute for real flavors. A handful of just-picked basil, rosemary, or sage will give any dish a burst of savory freshness that can't be found in the high-salt seasonings of packaged food. Buying sprigs of fresh herbs from the grocery store gets expensive fast (not to mention the plastic that most herbs come in). Right now is a good time to begin your indoor herb garden (which can be transferred out of doors if you have a yard or balcony).

Starting from seeds isn't as hard as you think. Follow these directions if you have old seed flats. If not, you can start seeds in peat pellets (available from a gardening store), in ice cube trays or inĀ  (non PCW) paper towels. One really cool option is to use eggshells, which provide a few extra nutrients to seeds while they're sprouting.

Instead of buying plant pots, reuse containers you have around your home, making sure you don't use non-food-grade plastics for edible plants.

Remember that herbs go farther than basil. Read about giving food an unusual touch with grape-scented sage and banana mint.

See video "Growing Herbs the Easy Way" below.

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